2016 Samuel Tilden I Trust the People Book Signing Tour 
Meet the Author and Receive a Free DVD Bonus Documentary with Purchase of Both Books.
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Sponsors Needed to Promote the Tour - 
  • Cities will be scheduled by two sources;- Film & Book Festivals  
  • Target Market - High School & College Students -Library Market
  • Sponsors Will be Listed in All Press Releases

Sponsor Funds will pay for: 

  • Car rental
  • Advertising expenses
  • Public Relations - Press Release Distributions and Press Release Writer
  • Author - Hotel Expenses, Car Rentals and Food Expenses
  • Publisher Book Printing Expenses
  • DVD - Prints
  • Insurance, Permit and Fee expenses for onsite locations as needed.
  • Film Festival Submission Fees and Theatre Rental
  • Rental and all expenses for booth space at BEA - Book Expo America and the American Library Association shows. 
  • Rental and all expenses for Bookshow Booths other book shows to be determined
  • Expenses to hire three Actors and Costumes to promote and mingle with crowds at larger events  - One Actor as Tilden, one as Bigelow and Mary Pelton (Tilden's Sister)
  • Two Assistants to work with Author on location sites - set ups and breakdowns of book signing events.
  • Hiring a Licensed Accounting service to cover payroll and to keep books which will be open for Sponsor review at request.
  • Legal Services as needed for Author
Work Experience Author has to fulfill obligations to Sponsor:
  • President - Production and Publishing Company - Writer, Print Editor and Digital Video editor
  • Historical researcher 
  • Real Estate License - Realtor 
  • Certified Public Access Producer - Hosted and Produced Talk Show
  • Hotel General Manager, Senior Hotel Night Auditor, Financial Executive Assistant to CFO and CEO Hilton Hotels
  • Financial Executive Assistant to Publisher - experience includes full  SEC audit to bring the company public.
  • Production Company - Produced Commercials for Local ABC Affiliate
  • Extensive Computer Experience - Excel specialty - budgeting - financial analysis - sales and expense projections.
General disclaimer: All Sponsors offers will be considered and definitely appreciated. Due to the nature and  integrity of the persons represented in this tour Author and Publisher reserve the right to refuse any offers made they feel are not suitable to represent the project.